What is KarlMUN?

KarlMUN is a new and innovative Model United Nations (MUN) Conference at RWTH Aachen University. A MUN is a simulation of the United Nations, organized by students for students, in which participants get the opportunity to slip into the role of an international delegate. As such, each participant represents the interests of his/her assigned nation in a UN-Committee.

Delegates engage in debates on the great challenges the international community is facing. They aim to pass resolutions in their country’s best interest while respecting all bureaucratic rules. Therefore, every student prepares and gathers knowledge about their specific nation and how this nation has been affected by the very special topics of a committee in the past.

A MUN conference in general is the perfect setting to get familiar with many different types of political discussions. This platform gives students the possibility to keep up with the international system and its uniqueness. Not only is KarlMUN giving an insight into political views, but also into economic and business decisions as well as into international humanitarian law.

What makes KarlMUN unique?

  • Aside from the 4-day-Conference, KarlMUN offers various social events such as a party, workshops, a keynote by a guest speaker and “KarlMUN rocks”, a culinary event. KarlMUN will host its second conference from November 16th - 19th, 2017.

  • KarlMUN takes place in Aachen, a city with great history, most notably the Emperor Charlemagne. The city also stands for inventive technology and research with its globally renowned RWTH Aachen University, which makes up the innovative center of the city.

  • The KarlMUN team consists of modern and international students, who come up with innovative and unique concepts (such as 2016’s HLP) to make the conference an unforgettable and unique experience.

  • KarlMUN is suited for everyone: from the experienced MUNer having already attended international conferences all over the world to the beginner who wants to become familiar with the MUN idea. This diversification is ensured by committees with different levels of difficulty.

  • There are four English-speaking committees and a German one.

  • With an attendance fee of only 60€, KarlMUN offers a 4-day conference including intense debates, workshops and a keynote speaker. There is a social package covered as well, which consists of catering during the conference, the party and the ‘KarlMUN rocks’ event.

  • If you are not from Aachen, KarlMUN will try to convey a place to stay among other participants.

Why should I participate?

At KarlMUN you get the opportunity:

  • to meet new friends with international experience
  • to expand your knowledge about the United Nations and international relations
  • to improve oral and written communication
  • to develop your negotiating, teamwork and leadership skills